BRIZBOMB: real time experimental visual audio

One human and one rack - All audio & video are generated live in real time with no edits, no overdubs, no computer, no keyboards, no samples, and no pre-recorded material.

It started in 2005 by colliding electrons against ferromagnetic material on a ribbon of rust to eventually excite phosphors behind cathode ray tube unless the thermal velocity of the yoke over modulates and restricts the flow of 60/40 rosin core anodized black under a waveform monitor. Plaid vectors, white fur, hex schmitt triggers, oxygen free copper and temperatures above 50° are equally as important mediums as 70% cocao in this cross disciplinary multimedia artistic psychosis of technology and subconscious. Although our last meeting was transparent and fruitful, it lacked the negative induction that we once found to be entertaining with Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) certification knowledge fading like aging capacitors leaking AC to the tune of heavy drone torch ballads. Never again will the seeds of radioactive calcium sink into the teeth of wisdom. It is lost, abandoned, beyond all devilish corn binders and orphaned Studebakers. Geometric waves complete all Lucas powered memory cycles when planting ideas under the right moon with zero g's and quad switching cross-pollination of moods inside every high saline lagoon float tank - Laguna de On. The escape of Mariah for all things wide and far will benefit small flightless creatures and removal of all tin hats at the edge of cellular reception with full bellies of fry jacks - only possible with all switches in the British position.

BRIZBOMB by Robert Delahanty
Photo by Robert Delahanty

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