Field Recordings of Honey Camp Lagoon, Belize

recording sunrise --------------------- daybreak recordings

20101019T0603 - length: 19:54 36MB
notes: recorded from cabana deck. many birds. minor mic wind rumble.

20101026T0529 - length: 39:37 72MB
notes: recorded in the orchard. birds and a few flying bugs.

20101031T0607 - length: 1:15:19 138MB
notes: recorded in the orchard. many birds, some bugs, Sandfly, few dogs, minor wind rum. this is the longest track.

moonrise --------------------- night recordings

20101018T2040 - length: 20:09 37MB
notes: recorded in the coconut grove near the chicken coup.

20101026T1940 - length: 9:59 19MB
notes: mostly crickets. pretty uneventful but consistent.

20101030T2052 - length: 23:46 44MB
notes: recorded in the orchard with no interruptions on my 40th birthday.

Zip file of MP3's put together for download: download 437megs

Recorded at Honey Camp Ranch in Belize by Matt Brislawn recorded in October 2010 with a Marantz PMD661 CC