Sounds of Tata Duende by Matt Brislawn

Tata Duende, the namesake of this recording, is a folkloric figure of the Mayan and Mestizo cultures. Those who have seen him, describe him as short, old and wrinkled. He has a beard, wears a wide brimmed hat, and has some physical peculiarities. His feet face backward, which help to throw people off his trail, and he lacks thumbs – a detail that he’s quite embarrassed about. If you ever meet Tata, it’s recommended that you hide your thumbs, so as to not upset him.

Despite his small stature and elusive behavior, Tata plays a big role in the world of wildlife management. He lives in the jungle, and closely monitors those passing through. He’s been known to punish greedy hunters who take more than they need, and to play tricks on those who cause mischief in the bush. Those bold enough to traverse the jungles of Belize should know that Tata Duende is near, and always watching.

Hope you enjoyed the cassette - This batch of 20 was mostly gifts for friends - None were sold - Home duplicated with a Nakamichi RX-202 on Maxell XLII tapes.

Everything was recorded live, off-grid, at the edge of the jungle, on Honey Camp Lagoon, BZ in 2015/2016 at the table show here.


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